Dr. Michal Yakir PhD RCHom former president and teacher for many years of the Israeli Society for Classical Homeopathy (IACH). She teaches homeopathy in Israel as well as a sought after international speaker and knows how to convey her extensive knowledge and experience in a clear, lively and inspirational style. Her book 'Wondrous Order - Book One: Flowering Plants' has been released.

Yakir was fascinated by the homeopathic implication of the dynamic order in nature - especially in the plant kingdom! From her many years of rich experience as a homeopath, as well as her knowledge as a former botanist and ecologist she has developed 'The Homeopathic Table of Plants'. Their classification gives a clear overview of plant remedys in homeopathy.

The evolutionary developmental stages of plants correlate with human developmental stages and address the challenges and obstacles of the ego's developmental journey from birth to old age, from a more primary stage of union and unity to an advanced stage of individuality; during this journey, the lessons of feminine and masculine elements are learned and integrated. 

Her plant approach is a milestone in homeopathy and is continuously developed further and updated by her. It provides a logical order, categorized according to species, families and orders in the homoeopathic plant kingdom, thereby explaining the themes, sensations and characteristics of plant groups, as well as 'small homeopathic remedies' and of course new provings in homeopathy. Further more the Plants Table approach allow arangement of the materia medica in a logical way and alos explain any other approach and give depth to our understanding of cases and of course ourselves. Michal's approach is a practical tool in daily practice and is successfully used by homeopaths worldwide.