Dr. Michal Yakir PhD RCHom teaches homeopathy in Israel, as well as being in demand as an international speaker. She was for many years the president and speaker of the Israeli Association of Classical Homeopathy (IACH).


Feedback: 'Her comprehensive understanding of the model she developed is solid and her ability to share it is brilliant. Her mastery of language, her instinct to share, her sense of humor and her love for humanity and the earth as well as homeopathy are inspiring.

She has a great didactic technique with lots of useful repetition. She constantly reminds us of the core meaning of what she is saying, peppered with spontaneous illustrations as well as the extremely professional and engaging series of slides she uses. Michal is a pioneer and master teacher, her blend of science and spirit is truly Hahnemannian homeopathy at its best!'


Michal was fascinated by the homeopathic implication of the dynamic order in nature - especially that in the plant kingdom! From her many years of rich experience as a homeopath, as well as her knowledge and research as a former botanist and systems ecologist, she has developed her evolutionary, universal approach as she continues to deepen, refine and develop it.


The evolutionary stages of plant development correlate with the stages of human development and relate to the challenges and obstacles during the developmental journey of human consciousness from birth to old age, from a more primary stage of union and unity to an advanced stage of individuality. Michal's universal approach is a landmark in homeopathy. It shows the logical order in the homeopathic plant kingdom and explains the symptoms, themes, sensations and characteristics of plant groups, as well as 'minor homeopathic remedies' and of course new provings in homeopathy.


Her book on the monocots and dicots of the flowering plants Table from the Magnoliidae to the Asteridae has been published in English under the title 'Woundrous Order' and in German under the title 'Die wundersame Ordnung der Pflanzen' by Narayana Verlag. Michal's 'Botanical Repertory' is available as software at synergyhomeopathic.com (MacRepertory) and radaropus.com (RadarOpus).


Currently Michal is working on her new book on the ancient, non-flowering plants - from the beginning the Bryophytha (mosses) to the Lycophytes, the Pteridophytes (fern-like) further to the Cycases, the Gnetales (Ephedra to Welwitschia) and to the Conifers the most advanced group of a vanished, lost world.