Dr. Michal Yakir

The Homeopathic Plants Table

Upcoming Seminars 18.-22. March 2020 at Wessling (München) Germany

18.-19. March 2020 - Michal Yakir

The 4th column:  How do we find equilibrium in givingand receiving, with our relationship with our mother and family? Remedys from the Dilleniidae  are e.g. Hyperericum, Thea, Chocolate, Tilia, EriKa, Coloccynthis, Salix, Raphanus ...


The Ego development faces these uncertainties: Am I ready to mature? Have I obtained an adequate foundation of living? Are all my needs met so that I am able to continue to the next step? Will I be able to stand on my own yet remain nurtured and thrive? Can I give without being drained; can I receive without being belittled?

20.-22. März 2020 - Michal Yakir & Jörg Wichmann

Plant ancestors from Lycopodium and Ferns to Conifers - their role in the evolution and development of mankind -

A homeopathic dialogue of Evolutionary and Sensation Method


The many aspects of homeopathy – yet talking as one: Michal Yakir’s Evolutionary Method and the Sensation Method as two perspectives in unison. In our time, where so many methods seem to divide homeopathy, we want to present the coming together, the convergence of homeopathic so called "methods" and demonstrate how they are showing the same things.