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Michal's approach is a way of looking at the homeopathic materia medica as an evolutionary process. It deepens our understanding of our patients, helps us to consolidate the knowledge from examinations and is valuable in differential diagnosis. Michal's approach is not a system and is ideal to work with in any homeopathic direction, whether you are working with Samuel Hahnemann, Jan Scholten or the Sensation Method of Rajan Sankaran. 

Sarah Valentini interviews Michal Yakir, an expert in triturations and plant kingdom dynamics. Michal shares her deep knowledge and research on ancient plants, their healing properties, and their connection to human evolution. They discuss the upcoming trituration workshop in Thailand and delve into the significance of understanding the evolutionary stages of plants. Join them as they explore the profound relationship between humans and the plant world. This insightful conversation sheds light on the wisdom of nature and the importance of reconnecting with our roots.


Trituration Seminar


Michal Yakir

25.-29.11.2024 in Thailand

Seminar on the flowering plant table

Commelinidae - The   Monocots Of Column 4 Grasses, Ginger & Co

3 Meetings

Dear colleagues, the flowering plant table is a way of looking at our homeopathic flowering plant materia medica as an evolutionary process. Boundless giving represents impairment in the feminine principle, which is supposed to serve as a vessel, for the purpose of containing an sustaining life energy, allowing it to developup to its physical, set form. This flow of energy is related to giving and receiving, either in a limited way - or flowing un hindered - like a pipeline. Column 4 in the monocots is still very much under the dominance of the feminine aspect, displaying related 'vessel' pathology. We look forward to meet you in this upcoming inspiering new seminar series! READ MORE 

seminar on the ancient plant table

Cycle 2 - THE SECRET OF THE UNKNOWN CONIFERS  Cupresses, Junipers, Sabina

4 Meetings

Dear colleagues, in order to understand the topics, themes and qualities of the conifer group - column 6 of the ancient plant table - we traveled in the first cycle far into the past to the secrets of the conifers with Michal Yakir. We realize how the Mesozoic period is the main time to define the evolution of the conifers, a period during which high, giant conifers, evolved in parallel with the dinosaurs. In the first cycle of lectures, we got to know remedies of some very ancient conifers, such as Agathis australis (Kauri tree) or Dacrydium cupressinum (RIMU). And went on to research the “HEIGHT” quality in the Abies, araucaria and the mighty Ceders. We look forward to meet you in this upcoming inspiering new seminar series! READ MORE

Differential Diagnosis With Michal Yakir

Homeopathy & Plant systematics - The Flowering Plant Table


Homeopathy & Plant systematics - The Ancient Plant Table


homeopathy and Trituration with michal at tenerife

Dear colleagues, our seminar in Tenerife with Michal Yakir  was amazing! Our seminar took place in a wonderful place overlooking the powerful Atlantic Ocean very close to the black lava beach El Bollullo with sand like silk.


Trituration’s are a matter of heart for Michal! A Trituration is not only a method of proving a remedy, but also encounter and connect with the natural element. In Organon §270 Dr Samuel Hahnemann gives a very precise instruction for the preparation of a Trituration.


With beautiful colleagues from all over the world, we did very interesting homeopathic Trituration’s on: Pinus canariensis (Canary pine tree) which belongs to the conifers, column 6 of the Ancient Plant Table, Echium wildpretii (Wildprets Natternkopf, Taginaste osado or Tajinaste rosado) from the Borraginaceae Family from Column 6 of the Flowering Plant Table, Dracaena draco from the Asperagaceae family, Column 6 of the Monocots of the Flowering Plant Table, Encephaltros laurentianus (Kwango giant cycad) from the Cycadales family, column 4 of the Ancient Plant Table and the Humpback Whale Baline (Not blue whale). Furthermore, we made excursions on the island.


Feedback: 'It was a wonderful event that can hardly be put into words: a magical place and great people who made this time very special!

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