Dr. Michal Yakir

The Homeopathic Plants Table

Next Seminars will take place in Lindenfels (near Bensheim, Heidelberg, Frankfurt) Germany and Wessling (near Munich) Germany and will be available as Livestream as well

From the Comfort of your Chair - Interactive and Live - we are pleased to be able to offer from now on all Seminars for all time zones of the world as well!

Interaktives Live Online Seminar

5th of June 2020 - Column 4 - Commelinidae

Theme - Maturity and Nurturing.

Compliting the forth column - Graminales an d Zingiberales. Following the brutal Column-Three attempt to utterly sever the connection to the feminine, in column 4 the process of separation is more balanced and mature; whereby the Ego, with its awakening masculinity ....

Column 1 - Magnoliidae & Alismatidae

4 Sitzungen - 07. Juni 2020 - 17. Juli 2020

Interaktives Live Online Seminar

The main themes of column 1 are derived from the original, impure and naive state of the ego and its struggle for separation. Remedys are e.g. Nux-muschata, Nymphea, Piper methysticum, Aristolochia, Podophylum, Pulsatila, Opium and many more. The first column is an initial state, archaic, open, and still unstructured. The I has not yet ...

Introduction to The Plants Table by Michal Yakir

From the comfort of your chair - 4 meetings

Also in all time zones of the world

Rosidae - Column 5 - Encounter with the Other

14.-16. August 2020 by Michal Yakir

This Seminar takes place in Lindenfels (close to Bensheim, Heidelberg, Frankfurt) Germany!

Also available as interaktive online Livestream!



The general theme in Column Five is the split between the masculine and the feminin principles, which causes suppression of the feminin element, of emotion and intuition, and the emergence of mind and reason as a means of attaining self-awareness. The split creates .....

Ancient Plants - 16.-18. Oktober 2020 - Michal Yakir

From Lycopodium and Ferns to Conifers - their role in the evolution and development of mankind. This Seminar takes place in Wessling (Munich) Germany!

Also available as interaktive online Livestream!

This materials was never introduced before - and its very exciting! More than that, although not many ancient plant species remained, those that survived give us a complete picture of the world of plants, including the advanced flower plants - and their entire evolutionary processes, a route in which the advanced flower plants are just the end of it. This image clarifies the connection between man and plants, parallels the evolution of humanity and the world, and explains where a halt, slowdown of evolution - or disease - occurs.