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Michal speaks in this Video on ANCIENT PLANTS - begin of the the new upcoming  Seminars  17. Oct 21

Feedback: 'Michals comprehensive understanding of the model she developed is solid and her ability to share it is brilliant. Her mastery of language, her instinct to share, her sense of humor and her love for humanity and the earth as well as homeopathy are inspiring. She has a great didactic technique with lots of useful repetition. She constantly reminds us of the core meaning of what she is saying, peppered with spontaneous illustrations as well as the extremely professional and engaging series of slides she uses. Michal is a pioneer and master teacher, her blend of science and spirit is truly Hahnemannian homeopathy at its best!'

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New Seminar Serie of the flowerless Ancient Plants Begin October 17, 2021 with 6 Meetings on the Bryophytha (Mosses) and Lycophytes

The Table of Flowering Plants - a new Cycle begins November 19, 2021

Introduction & Column 1 Magnoliidae & Alismatidae