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Michal Yakir - Monocots of Column 6 - 'Me and the others' - The Liliidae of the Flowering Plants Table

Interactive online Liveseminar - 11. und 25. Juni 2021 - from the comfort of you home

The theme of the LILIIDAE is the general relationship with everything that is different, summarized: a partner, the family, the group or the world. So basically any encounter with the outside world and everything that is different and strange. The fundamental need to relate to the world, ...

Michal Yakir - Monocots of Column 4 - 'Nurtering & Stability - The Poales and Zingiberales of the Flowering Plants Table

Interactive online Liveseminar - from the comfort of you home

The main themes of the POALES (Sweet Grasses) and ZINGIBERALES (Ginger Type) the Monocots of Column four are nurtering, nutrition and stability.Boundless giving represents impairment in the feminine principle, which is supposed to serve as a vessel, for the purpose of containing an sustaining life energy, allowing it to developup to its physical, set form. This flow of energy is related to giving and receiving, ... 

Michal Yakir - Column 6 - 'Me vs the World' - The Asteridae of the Flowering Plants Table

Interactive online Liveseminar - from the comfort of you home

In column six, the individual measures himself against the world. Questions like: What am I in this world? What kind of individuality am I? How does it feel to be against the world? How I am if the world is the backround for my magnificence? What happens when I compare my self with the world?What happens to me when I feel me against the world?

Michal Yakir - Column 5 - 'Maturity and Nurtering'  The Dilleniidae of the Flowering Plants Table

Interactive online Liveseminar - from the comfort of you home

The Ego development in the Dilleniidae faces these uncertainties: Am I ready to mature? Have I obtained an adequate foundation of living? Are all my needs met so that I am able to continue to the next step? Will I be able to stand on my own yet remain nurtured and thrive? Can I give without being drained; can I receive without being belittled?

The New Ancient Plants Table with Michal Yakir

From Mooses, Lycophytes and Ferns, to Cycads, Welwetschia and Gingo to the Conifers - their role in evolution and development of mankind.

Webinar - comfortable from the chair of your Home

A skilfull journey Michal takes us on in this seminar as we visit the relevance of each epoch, using what we know from Science, but also what we know from Metaphysical Human Knowledge and its understanding of what we are doing here on the planet, and in the universe. This mixture of Science and the Spiritual is truly Hahnemannian Homeopathy at its best! Michal is a Master Teacher. Her comprehensive understanding of her model she developed is solid, and her ability to share it is brilliant: her command of language, her instinct for sharing, her sense of humour and her love for humanity and the Earth, and for Homeopathy are inspiring.

Column 3 - Caryophyllidae - 'The Hero - Struggle for Separation and Individuality with Michal Yakir

Interactive online Liveseminars - from the comfort of you home

The subjects of column 3 are basically the subjects of the Caryophyllales. Struggle for individuality: separation vs. symbiosis, struggle with the mother, search for independence  ...


Plants from this crevice have the ability to adapt to harsh and extreme conditions from desert to arctic tundra, from swamps to unprotected, salty coasts.

Introduction to The Plants Table by Michal Yakir