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Michal's approach is a way of looking at the homeopathic materia medica as an evolutionary process. It deepens our understanding of our patients, helps us to consolidate the knowledge from examinations and is valuable in differential diagnosis. Michal's approach is not a system and is ideal to work with in any homeopathic direction, whether you are working with Samuel Hahnemann, Jan Scholten or the Sensation Method of Rajan Sankaran. 

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The Flowering Plant Table

Seminars on Flowering Plants from Column 1 the Magnoliidae up to Column 6 the Asteridae

Seminar Arecidae and  Hamamelidae Column 2 of the Flowering Plant Table beginn June 12, 2022

Non Flowering Ancient Plant Table

Seminars on Ancient Plants from Column 1 the Bryophytha up to Column 6 the Conifers