Rosidae - Column 5 - Encounter with the Other

14.-15. October 2020 by Michal Yakir

This Seminar takes place in Wessling (Munich) Germany!




Column 5


Split between

the Masculine

and Feminin Priciples



Column Five Themes of the Rosidae

  • Split and opposition
  • Heart vs Mind, establishment of self-awareness through blocking and hardening
  • Dominance of Mind, suppression, criticism and hierarchy
  • Individuality will first emerge in this column but is easily suppressed
  • Rigid or spasmodic expression of supressed emotion. OCD
  • Relationships and friendships: split vs longing for a connection
  • Avoidance of people
  • Rigid desire for activity
  • Activity, work, path, fulfilment of purpose
  • Willpower and limbs


The general theme in Column Five is the split between the masculine and the feminin principles, which causes suppression of the feminin element, of emotion and intuition, and the emergence of mind and reason as a means of attaining self-awareness. The split creates the possibility of recognising Otherness: thus a major concern in this column is the relationship with the Other (father-son relationships, connection with the father, partnership, pair relationships, connecting to and being liked by the Other). At the same time the split amplifies the masculine quality, leading to issues of exessive hierarchy, rigid morality, strict reliiosity, concern with one's identity and path in life, focus on work, and precooupation with rules and limitations. Physically the affected organs are the heart and extremities, with congestion and paralysis.


The modern world traces ist roots to the early modern era represented by Coumn Five; therefore many characteristics of contemorary life, such as ist emphasis on rationality, depencence on large institutions and rigid laws as well as superstitions, remain imbued with qualities which arose then.


We looking forward to meet you! If You have questions or need further information please ask any time!