Michal Yakir - Column 2 of the Flowering Plants Table - 'Here or There' - Arecidae & Hamamelidae

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Column 2


'Here or There'










The Column as whole is sycotic in nature, characterised by exess and over growth, growing in an uninhibited manner without limits. Column Two presents a resolve to attain manifestation in this world (after not being here in the forst column): the vital force compels the Ego to exist, to be, to be present, and to act independently, only the Ego is not strong enough to do it easily:


The Monocots of Column Two - more emphatically than the Dicots of this column - 2 adresses the issue of seperationfrom the primordial unity and the conflict involved in the transition from informal to the earthly existence:

  • Initial split
  • Water, body fluids, coryza, allergies, mucous membrane inflameation, 'in the midst of the waters'
  • Urogenital and reproductive systems
  • Childish, immature emotions
  • Boundries and Transitions
  • Large ans small, atrophy and degeneration
  • Intimate relationships
  • Aggravation after death of the mother
  • Self-identiy issues


The Dicots of Column Two

  • Here or there - neither here nor there, mental confusion, confusion of sexual identiy
  • Floating and disconnection from reality vs an effort to acuire strength in this reality
  • Weakness in acting, excessive reponsibility and overload
  • Small and weak: strength vs weakness, doing or not doing, Sisyphean struggle
  • Genital atrophy
  • Realationships: living side by side
  • Borders, skin, sensation of formication


Remedys for example are Cocos nutifera, Sabal serrulata, Arum maculatum, Caldium seguinum, Cannabis indica, Ficus religiosa, Ulmus campestris etc.

A variety of short case studies show the practical application in daily practice and the differential diagnosis to the other columns.


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