A new Cycle of the Homeopathic Flowering Plants Table by Michal Yakir - Introduction and Column one the Magnoliidae and Alismatidae of the Table

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19.11.21 |  15.12.21 | 09.01.22 | 04.02.22 | 06.03.22

Dear Colleagues,


from the comfort of your chair - 5 meetings - Classical Homeopathy meets universal, evolutionary Approchach! With these 5 meetings Michal starts a new cycklus of the the homeopathic table of flowering plants. The evolutionary stages of plants development correlate with the stages of human development and relate to the challenges and obstacles during the development of human consciousness from birth to old age, from a more primary stage of union and unity to an advanced stage of individuality. These 5 meetings include an INTRODUCTION TO THE FLOWERING PLANTS TABLE  and the MAGNOLIIDAE and ALISMATIDAE Column 1 of the homeopathic flowering Plants Table.






The first column is an initial state, archaic, open, and still unstructured. The Ego has not yet separated from the whole (the self) and is more a potential than actual, not here yet, not fully incarnated. This is a 'timeless' column: experiencing time is vague. The body is not yet fully saturated with consciousness, so there is a tendency to daydream, leave the body, floating sensation, desensitisation and paralysis. The first column sets the basis for the ego structure: desires, emotions and mind in its most elementary form.

  • Primordial. Confused, not here. Escapism, drugs
  • Primordial, ideal existence, oneness, to be part of ...
  • Weak Ego, weak will, weak mind, and strong impulses
  • Weak mind, incpacity for introspection
  • Inability to protect themselves, no defense - reacting with control
  • Exposed, no boundries, no skin. Irritable, oversensitiv
  • Control
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Hormonel, uterine and fluid problems. No vessel

A variety of short case studies show the practical application in daily practice and the differential diagnosis to the other columns.


We look forward to seeing you!


Dr. Michal Yakir PhD RCHom (Speaker)       Dorothee Spalt (Organizer)        Dr. Joachim Siebenwirth (Medical Course Instructor)



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SEMINARDATES 19.11.2021 |  15.12.2021 | 09.01.2022 |  04.02.2022 |  06.03.2022


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Seminarlanguage is English


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Email   info@michal-yakir.de    and    Fon  +49 6255 5290828

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