the Homeopathic Ancient Plant Table

Cycadales and Ginkgoales of the Ancient Plant Table and a comparative Materia medica on dementia

Online Seminar serie of 4 meetings

Dear Colleagues, a very inspiring new seminar! The Cycadophyta (Cycadales and Ginkgoales) belong to the 4th column of the Ancient Plant Table by Michal Yakir. Being a group, whose novelty is the first time the ability to create independent offspring (the seeds) and provide them with some protection (thorns, hard leaves, and toxicity) - they present a new beginning. Now the Gymnosperm time begins, the second wave of earth evolution and development of plants along the Dinosaurs in the Triassic age. 


Having a seed now means you have a vessel! That you have a vessel for your energy, but in pathology we have problems with this vessel, because the question will be now: How I can have really a vessel? How can I do what I need to do in my life? Every one of us has a mission, has a destiny and the question is how I can do that? How can I think about it? How can I talk about it? how can I express myself, when I need to talk about it?


The Cycadophyta are an important group where we have hardly knowledge about. Michal collected all kind of proving’s from all over the world which were hardly advertised till now and with other colleagues she did some new proving’s herself. 


How to see a general hypersensitivity. Age diseases of the articular and ligamentous apparatus, stiffness, fragility, muscular atrophies, paralysis and MS. Pathologies of the nerves. Brain dysfunction, concentration problems, confusion, word finding disorders. Vascular pathologies, apoplexy. Pathologies of the brain such as Alzheimer's or dementia.


We hope you join us in this interesting journey! 

Themes of the Cycadophyta

  • Dryness and hardening
  • Fertility problems
  • Fatigue and energy loss
  • Slowness and weakness
  • Being poisoned
  • Immobility of the creative force
  • Preservation of emotions and memories
  • Fear of changes
  • Communication problems
  • Affinity for diseases of old age, deterioration, and degeneration
  • Any brain affection - from difficulty concentrating, to confusion, Dyslexia, Dementia, Alzheimer, and Parkinson etc

General Seminar Information

The medical course leader is Dr. Joachim Siebenwirth. DZVhÄ Germany continuing education points for the homeopathy diploma.  Naturopaths can claim UE points.

Seminar language is English, we offer simultaneous translation in other languages as well, please ask any time.


The seminar fee for these online seminar series of column 4 of the Ancient Plants Table is € 240.- ; and for students € 160.-

4 meetings of 3 hours 

You have questions? PLEASE ask  ANY TIME!

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