Caryophyllidae - Column 3 - 'The Hero - Struggle for Individuality. Separation vs Being Engulfed'

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Column 3




MDMA, Cereus,

Saponaria, Sclerantus, 

Phytolaca, Plumbago

Opuntia, Rheum



Column Three Themes of the Caryophyllidae


The subjects of column 3 are basically the subjects of the Caryophyllales. Plants from column 3 have the ability to adapt to harsh and extreme conditions from desert to arctic tundra, from swamps to unprotected, salty coasts.

  •     Struggle for individuality: separation vs. symbiosis, struggle with the mother, search for independence
  •     Heart, pulsation. Pulsation: rhythmicity
  •     Between being assimilated and rebellion or disconnection, containing all or avoiding
  •     Under superhuman control or free will
  •     Hindered by a great power
  •     The dragon: the matriarchy, an overbearing mother. Unity vs Separation
  •     The desire to act according to one's own will, rebellious. 'I want to do what I want to do!'
  •     Avoidance, thorns, detachment, isolation
  •     Religious affections, spiritual search, desire to reunite, under the influence of above
  •     Benevolent, saving the world, excessive action, desire to be helpful, swelling to infinity
  •     Thorny or sour disposition. Irascibility and restlessness


Various short case studies show the practical application in daily practice and the differential diagnosis to the other columns of the plants table.

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Medical instructor is Joachim Siebenwirth. 12 Educational hours for the DZVhÄ homeopathy diploma, 12 Educational hours for Naturopaths.

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Friday 04.12.2020 from 9.30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Sunday 10.01.2021 from 12 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.

Sunday 31.01.2021 from 12 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.