The Fern Seminar - first of a kind journey on Column 3 of the Ancient Plant Table with Michal Yakir

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24 DZVhÄ continuing education points for Doctors | 24 UE Points für Alternative Practitioner

Dear Colleagues,

the fern seminar by Michal Yakir - column 3 of the Ancient Plant Table begins on February 25, 2022. Ferns belong to the 3rd layer or Column: 3rd stage of earths land evolution: During the Carboniferous, there was a jump in the development of vascular plants (Tracheophyta). Ferns developed complicated roots system, complicated inner vascular system that linked between roots, stem and big leaves, that allowed efficient photosynthesis. They were also the forefathers of the seed plants. Those qualities, as well as earth evolution of the time – will be seen in their homeopathic qualities, as well as the message they harbour.


The Ferns Qualities


There are thousands of ferns, but so far, we hardly used them. In this new seminar many new and unknown fern remedies will be introduced, showing clear themes, derived from their evolutionary place – as well as from the sum up of their provings


       • simplicity and delicate or simplicity that is difficult to manage in the world. Childish, fragile. weakness. Needs rescue


       • Questions of time and lack of time. The infinite and the Finite.


       • Fairy tale, eternal qualities, timelessness and being forever young elements - will often be present in the case


       • Difficulty entering the world, difficulty meeting people. Unpreparedness and "turning bad" and even distortion - occur when moving from the

          world i.e the world of childhood, or from Eden state to our modern world, the adult world (like the aborigines in the modern world).


        • Bridge, gate between worlds, live between worlds, separate but stay connected. Connection to the past, to ancestors (or lack of connection to    

          fathers, disconnection).


        • Inability to change, inability to bridge, unchanged, death and rebirth: "There are no forces that need to transform." Frozen, stopped and finds no 

          strength to regenerate.


Can we not see it in many children of our time?


It will be first of a kind 6 meeting journey!



We look forward to seeing you! 


Dr. Michal Yakir PhD RCHom (Speaker)       Dorothee Spalt (Organizer)        Dr. Joachim Siebenwirth (Medical Course Instructor)


You have questions or need more information? Please dont hesitate to contact me any time! Email  or  Phone  +49 6255 5290828

General Seminar Information

The medical course leader is Dr. Joachim Siebenwirth. 24 DZVhÄ Germnany continuing education points for the homeopathy diploma. Naturopaths can claim 24 UE points.

The seminar language is English, we can also arrange for translation into other languages for groups that sign up

Seminar fee for column 3 the Pteridophyte (fern-like) of the Ancient Plants table, 6 Meetings à 3 Hours € 360.- ;

for Students € 240.-

Seminar dates of the first 6 meetings of 3 hours each

25.02.2022  from 2 pm to 5.30 pm (GERMAN TIME) including Break)

20.03.2022 from 12 pm (noon/midday) to 3.30 pm (GERMAN TIME) including Break)

22.04.2022  from 2 pm to 5.30 pm (GERMAN TIME) including Break)

15.05.2022  from 12 pm (noon/midday) to 3.30 pm (GERMAN TIME) including Break)

12.06.2022  from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm (GERMAN TIME) including Break)

17.07.2022  from 12 pm (noon/midday) to 3.30 pm (GERMAN TIME) including Break)



If you can't be there live, we record all meetings on video, so you are of course welcome to catch up on missed meetings!

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or require further information, thank you!


Email    and    Phone  +49 6255 5290828

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