Michal Yakir - Monocots of Column 6 - 'Me and the Others' - the Liliidae of the Flowering Plants Table

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The 'Homeopathic Table of Flowering Plants by Michal Yakir' is a way of looking at our Homeopathic Flowering Plant Materia Medica as an evolutionary Process. Across the six Columns of Flowering Plants Table we develop the Ego.



The Orchidales encompass all stages of infancy and toddlerhood (rows 1-4): immaturity in the meeting of "me and the world" and serve as a bridge between the Poales (column 4) and the Liliales (column 6). The ego is established, egocentrism, being unique and individual. A powerful intellect faces powerful emotions. Questions arise: How do I relate to others, to the world? How can I create a creative and unique place for myself in this world?


The Liliales cover all stages of adolescence and adulthood i.e. it is about finding one's own way in life. In this stage of maturity, one's own life should bear fruit, in that one already clearly recognizes one's own destiny and calling - this state is often not present in the medicines of this group. The basic kin conflict that revolves around 'oneness' in the Monocots is especially present in the Liliales, because they have an intense desire to relate to others - a characteristic of columns five and six.

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The theme of the LILIIDAE is the general relationship with everything that is different, summarized: a partner, the family, the group or the world. So basically any encounter with the outside world and everything that is different and strange. The fundamental need to relate to the world, because the ego needs to separate itself, is reinforced by the self-centeredness of the Monocots. It is remarkable that the sixth column of the Monocots is a bit more feminine than its counterpart in the Dicots.

  • Passion, experiencing the world, absorbing or rejecting the world
  • Digesting and processing problems, food or social encounters
  • Creativity, bringing one's own version to life
  • Relationships, partnership, and intimacy: need others very much, but can't communicate that well
  • Search for validation vs. excessive self-esteem, nobility
  • Society, social position, being part of society and yet unique
  • Generally in elevated position, princes and princesses
  • ambition, arrogance, egocentricity, laziness, uniqueness, specialness
  • There is only me - problems in relationship with others
  • Male dominant quality. Ducrhsetzungvermögen, strong ego, narcissism
  • Fertility and hormonal imbalances. Mother-child relationship as female incompatibility.
  • Sexual purity and shame. Religiosity
  • Good versus evil, piety versus sin, purity versus corruption.
  • Headache, head injury, brain, central and peripheral nervous system.
  • Intellect, suppression of emotions by intellect, masculine rationality.
  • Being hurt by the world, quick to take offense, worries about his health
  • Injuries, wounds, bleeding, head injuries
  • Physical affinity: head, injuries, blood, hormonal disorders and female diseases, eyes, feet, heart


Varied short case examples show the practical application in daily practice and the differential diagnosis to the other columns of the plant table.  Seminar language is English.


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Dr. Michal Yakir PhD RCHom (Speaker)    Dorothee Spalt (Organizer)    Dr. Joachim Siebenwirth (Medical Course Instructor) 


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Seminarlanguage is English


We look forward seeing you!   


You have questions? Please  dont hesitate to contact me any time! Email  info@michal-yakir.de  or  Phone  +49 6255 5290828, thank you!

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