Michal Yakir - Monocots of Column 4  - the Commelinidae of the Flowering Plant Table

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the 'Homeopathic Flowering Plant Table by Michal Yakir' is a way of looking at our homeopathic flowering plant materia medica as an evolutionary process. Across the six columns of the Flowering Plants Table, we evolve the Ego. In each column we gain something and lose something.


Boundless giving represents impairment in the feminine principle, which is supposed to serve as a vessel, for the purpose of containing an sustaining life energy, allowing it to developup to its physical, set form. This flow of energy is related to giving and receiving, either in a limited way - or flowing un hindered - like a pipeline. Column 4 in the monocots is still very much under the dominance of the feminine aspect, displaying related 'vessel' pathology.




  • Parental guidance, family and inherited roots, grounded.
  • Lack of Balance or roots, uprooted; feet
  • Guidance and fullness are limited to the family shelter.
  • Abandonment and unrequited love, childlike
  • Basic feeling of lack, the protective maternal structure is not fully developed.
  • Impaired feeding and feeding care, expressed as digestive problems from the mouth to the anus.
  • Malnutrition
  • Strong original sexuality, hormonal complaints
  • Premature separation from the mother, immature nervous system
  • An excess of fluids: water, mucous membranes, kidneys, heart, urinary tract infections, allergies
  • Sensations: being straight, upright, and self-sufficient contra being bent forward, weak, unstable
  • Burning, stinging and tingling sensations
  • Affinity to feet and eyes


Varied short case examples show the practical application in daily practice and the differential diagnosis to the other columns of the plant table. The seminar language is English.


We look forward seeing you!    

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This livestream Seminar will be available in all time zones of the world


This livestream Seminar will be available in all time zones of the world


Seminarlanguage is English


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