Seminar Serie of 6 meetings - an introduction to the Ancient Plant table and column 1 - the Bryophytha (Mosses) and column 2 - the Lycophytes - of the table

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DZVhÄ continuing education points for Doctors | UE Points für Alternative Practitioner

Dear Colleagues,


in this seminar Michal introduce the ancient plant Table developed by her in depth. The new table contain also 6 columns. Michal takes us on an expert journey through the new table of ancient flowerless plants in this seminar serie. 


In this unit Michal gives an introduction to the ne ancient plant table followed by the beginning column 1 the Mosses (Bryophyta) and column 2 the Lycophytes of the table. These pioneer plants show the first evolutionary steps from water to land which, although slow, over millions of years it brought about a radical change in earth evolution and still has much healing to do.


Continuing, there will be seminar units on Ferns -the Pteridophytes (with fern-like plants like Equisetums and Psilotum), followed by the Cycases and Ginkgo, a known group in a new light, the Gnetales (Ephedras, Welwitschia and Gnetum) and finally - the magnificent Conifers as the most advanced group of ancient flowerless plants.


The journey to new and old remedies, about which we know so little, goes through the Materia Medica, new provings, as well as Triturations, which as a new important tool, give us the possibility to discover completely new information about the plants and their relations to earth-human evolution, and thus to disease of our time. The ancient plants answer many questions like: What do the Ancient plants have to tell us? What can we learn from them? How do they fit into today's world? What is their relevance to old age disease, which became so prominent in our time? How can they aid in healing long sitting traumas? How can they help restoring the connection between body and soul?


We look forward to meet you! 

General Seminar Information

The medical course leader is Dr. Joachim Siebenwirth. DZVhÄ Germnany continuing education points for the homeopathy diploma. Naturopaths can claim UE points.

Seminar language is English, we can also arrange for translation into other languages for groups that sign up

Seminar fee for this introduction seminar to the ancient plant table followed by column 1 the Bryophytha (Mosses) and column 2 the Lycophythes, 6 Meetings à 3 Hours € 360.- ; for Students € 240.- 

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Registration Introduction Seminar to the homeopathic ancient plant table and column 1 Bryophyta (Mosses ) and column 2 the Lycophytes of the table

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