The Homeopathic Plants Table by Michal Yakir

From the comfort of your chair - 4 meetings

Interactive Live Online Seminar - 24th of April 2020 from 9.30 am till 1 pm | 26th of April 2020 from 12 am till 3.30 pm | 10th of May 2020 from 12 am till 3.30 pm | 15 th of May 2020 from 9.30 am till 1 pm














From the comfort of your chair - 4 meetings! This introductory seminar covers Michal Yakir's entire plant systematics and presents a comprehensive perspective of its properties, the logic of the columns and rows and shows its practical use in daily practice with many case examples.


  • General introduction to the plants table and introduction to the botanical background
  • Taxonomy and Botanical Division and its implications in the order of the table
  • Monocotyledons (Dicotyledons) and Dicothledons (Dicotyledons) plants
  • The structure and development aspects of the table based on botanical and homeopathic information
  • Definition of useful psychological terms
  • Overview of the topics, the stages of the columns and rows in the table
  • The rows - development and maturation within the columns


         The homopathic plant Table - universal, evolutionary Approach

  • 1st column - In unity, before separation
  • 2nd column - The first separation: Here or there
  • 3rd column - The struggle and fight for separation: The Hero
  • 4th column - Mature and Caring, Mother-Child, separation from mother and family
  • 5th column - The definitive separation: Me and the other
  • 6th column - The ego towards the group


Medical instructor: Dr. med. Joachim Siebenwirth

16 Continuing education credits for the DZVhÄ Diploma, Non-medical practitioners can claim 8 UE points for homeopathy training.


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