Michal Yakir - Introduction to the Homeopathic Table of Flowering Plants

Webinar - 4 Meetings - Comfortabel from the chair of your home

Michal Yakir talk about the Plant Table, Evolution, Ancient Plants and Diseases
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From the comfort of your chair - 4 meetings - Classical Homeopathy meets universal, evolutionary Approchach! A wonderful seminar to learn Michal Yakirs unique approach and perspective directly from her. This introductory seminar covers her entire plant systematics and presents a comprehensive perspective of its properties, the logic of the columns and rows and shows its practical use in daily practice with many case examples. Michal convey her extensive knowledge and experience in a clear, lively and inspirational style.


  • General introduction to the plants table and introduction to the botanical background
  • Taxonomy and Botanical Division and its implications in the order of the table
  • Monocotyledons (Dicotyledons) and Dicothledons (Dicotyledons) plants
  • The structure and development aspects of the table based on botanical and homeopathic information
  • Definition of useful psychological terms
  • Overview of the topics, the stages of the columns and rows in the table
  • The rows - development and maturation within the columns


         The Homopathic Plant Table - the universal, evolutionary Approach

  • 1st column - In unity, before separation
  • 2nd column - The first separation: Here or there
  • 3rd column - The struggle and fight for separation: The Hero
  • 4th column - Mature and Caring, Mother-Child, separation from mother and family
  • 5th column - The definitive separation: Me and the other
  • 6th column - The ego towards the group


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