New Table of Ancient Plants with Michal Yakir

From Mooses, Lycophytes and Ferns, to Cycads, Welwetschia and Gingo to the Conifers - the co-evolution of earth and mankind.

This special Seminar is now available as Webinar

Intro from Michal Yakir to the Seminar

Review and feedback of the seminar. "Michal Yakir's seminar on the Ancient Plants was a beautifully presented and thoughtfully fashioned introduction to not only those plant groups (eg. Mosses, Ferns, Conifers) which have no flowers, and about which we as homeopaths know, or knew, so little, but also Michal has extended and shared her understanding of the relationship of the principles of evolution and adaptation and how we can map this into the now familiar table of columns and rows, and see the parallels to the development of Human Ego structures, built as they are on the interplay between Self and Other; their fractures and arrests; the leaps and limits.


I have a background in Anthropology and Human Evolution, and I really appreciate the skilfull journey Michal takes us on in this seminar as we visit the relevance of each epoch, using what we know from Science, but also what we know from Metaphysical Human Knowledge and its understanding of what we are doing here on the planet, and in the universe. This mixture of Science and the Spiritual is truly Hahnemannian Homeopathy at its best.


Michal is a Master Teacher. Her comprehensive understanding of the model she developed is solid, and her ability to share it is brilliant: her command of language, her instinct for sharing, her sense of humour and her love for humanity and the Earth, and for Homeopathy are inspiring. She has a great didactic technique, with lots of useful repetition, always reminding you of the core meaning of what she is saying, peppered with spontaneous illustrations as well as the extremely professional and appealing series of slides she uses.


The seminar was held in memory of Joerg Wichmann. One of Michal's gifts is her desire and ability to be inclusive. The homeopaths Michal invited to co-host the seminar - Dr. Franz Swoboda, Dr. Susanne Diez and Paul Theriault - give a strong feeling of hope and pride in our profession, and a reminder of the power of sharing."


How do all those ancient, fossil-like survivors fit in our time?  What do they have to teach us?

  • The mosses and Lichens- the beginning
  • The Lycophytes- a group of little known information
  • The Pteridophytes/ Fernlike Plants; from equisetum to Psilotum and Ferns: their place in the evolutionary development, remedy provings and their analysis up to practical application.
  • The Cycases – a Conifers – old and new, a well-known group in new light.
  • The Gnetales - from Ephedra to Welwitschia
  • A brief preview of the conifers as the most advanced group of a vanished, lost world. Questions one can ask: How would someone who was once at the top had all that knowledge and transfer it to a world and an era that one knows nothing about or for which he has no language?

This special Seminar is now available as Webinar

€ 330.-; Students € 260.- (Please send your identification. Thanks!)

The Webinar
consists of 6 meetings of each 2.5 to 3 hours in length.