16.-18. October 20 by Michal Yakir & Jörg Wichmann

This Seminar takes place in Wessling (Munich) Germany!

Plant ancestors from Lycopodium and Ferns to Conifers - their role in the evolution and development of mankind.


A homeopathic dialogue of Evolutionary- and Sensation Method

The many aspects of homeopathy - yet talking as one: Michal Yakirs evolutionray Method and the Sensation Method as two perspectives in unison.


A break through in the understanding of acient plants! The ancient plants group were hidden from our eyes for years, we used mainly a few remedies like Thuja and Lycopodium - and the rest of the remedies were hardly remembered. After years of work, a breakthrough in this field has been made and the image of ancient plants is beginning to be clear – and you are invited to share.


This materials was never introduced before - and its very exciting! More than that, although not many ancient plant species remained, those that survived give us a complete picture of the world of plants, including the advanced flower plants - and their entire evolutionary processes, a route in which the advanced flower plants are just the end of it. This image clarifies the connection between man and plants, parallels the evolution of humanity and the world, and explains where a halt, slowdown of evolution - or disease - occurs.


The ancient, flowerless plants, some even seedless and without conductive vessels systems, speak of a course of antiquity, of a state that is pre-fall from Eden, or just after the fall... . That is why they have relevance for both old-age diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer (not only Ginko biloba), lack of life force, fatigue but also to innocence and simplicity - which is left un-answered in our society. The breakthrough was related to the understanding that ancient plants are related to the history of the earth, to the geological eons in which each of those plants was created and flourished, and to the upheavals of those epochs - and also to the extinction that ended that eon. Therefore, these remedies also have a connection to death and end of life, including all kind of endings in life. Which connects us to physical and emotional endings states where those ancient remedies can be excellent. You are invited to a totally new experience of the gymnosperms, the mosses, the ferns and more – al via a double outlook: the systematic, evolutionary understanding approach and the sensation approach.


In our time, where so many methods seem to divide homeopathy, we want to present the coming together, the convergence of homeopathic so called "methods" and demonstrate how they are showing the same things. As a work in progress we will not present completed and perfect solutions and models, but will give an insight into our own ongoing workshop of developing new understanding, structures and ideas for remedy groups. This will be done as a dialogue and alternating presentations between the two lecturers Michal Yakir and Jörg Wichmann.



Topics of the seminar:


Demonstration of the convergence of the sensations of the Dicot subclasses and the main "Table" evolutionary topics of those subclasses - as an example of integrating the models in homeopathy.


Pteridophytes/ Fernlike Plants as a group – the homeopathic family of Lycopodium; their place in the evolutionary development, their sensation language, remedy provings and their analysis up to practical application.


Conifers – old and new, a well known group in new light.


The conifers as the most evolutionary advanced group – of a gone, lost world. How would one who once was on top, had all the knowledge, transfer it onward into a world and era one has no knowing of even its language? What do they have to teach us?


The most ancient trees: Ginkgo and Welwitschia and the Cycads class – how do those ancient, fossil-like trees fit in our time? What would be their sensation?


We looking forward to meet you! If You have questions or need further information please ask any time!