Feedback of Participants

Michal Yakir is teaching her tremendous and accurate knowledge of the plant kingdom in a loving, empathetic and lively style. Thus, ‘The Homeopathic Plants Table’ developed by her is a comprehensible valuable 'tool' for the Repertorisation and differentiation of plant remedies. Even so I do have more than twenty years of practical experience myself, her seminars are a huge learning experience for me and I am looking forward to the continue.



The seminars with Michal Yakir are the most rewarding events of recent years for me. As she is an Homeopath and former botanist she led us clearly and well-structured into the systematic homeopathic plants table which is developed by her. Her table of the plant families gives us as homeopath the ability to refer certain issues, which arise in our patients repeatedly, to specific developmental stages in plant families. Thus the prescription of plant remedies – are similar to the mineral remedy prescription based on the Periodic Table of Elements – it becomes much easier and safer. This is really great for our patients and for us as therapists! A particularly positive aspect of these seminars have also been the relaxed and harmonious atmosphere and the wonderful location therefore the whole event has a "holiday atmosphere along with learning”.



Thank you. This knowledge of plant remedies helpes me to further improve my knowledge about plant remedies in daily practice.



Michal Yakir is a very clear and vivid lecturer. She shares her immense knowledge and understanding easy and effortless. My survey and understanding of the plant kingdom has both deepened and expanded!



I am inspired about her work and I developed a deeper understanding for plants. To my opinion this Biological derivation is necessary and important for our understanding. You can see the parallel to sensation and furthermore she gives a new perspective of understanding the sensation this makes me even more certain that her work is very important and can be applied in practise. It helps me to differentiate minerals- and plant remedy’s (rows and columns) that gives me the possibility to prescribe a plant instead of a mineral remedy.



These seminars with Michal has given me a deep understanding into the system of plant kingdom and its evolution and development. I am particularly impressed how beautifully she shares the “Relation to human evolution and to the Genesis“. Truly successful seminars, which give me another perspective of the themes of life of my patients. Her plant table is a very valuable aid in my daily practise for quick reference.



The research and knowledge of Michal Yakir are a wonderful and necessary addition to me beside the already known systematisation and differentiation models in homeopathy. Particularly I got impressed of the parallels and the different ages she pointed out for example: the Stone Age in which the plants of the first Subclass of the Dicotyledons have developed, the book of Genesis and the similarities of the patients who are needing a plant remedy from this subclass. I like it very much that again and again she invites us to report from our own resolved cases with plant remedies. She is a very lively teacher and interested in the experience of participants. We quickly realise the match and consistency between our choice of prescription and her plant system and method. Again and again she encourages us with her great winning smile to narrate our own successful cases and we as the audience get more and more certain in understanding and application of her method. The seminars itself are very well prepared and excellently organised throughout the whole events. Many thanks once again to the whole team.



Yakir’s seminars has been for me very enriching experiences. Michal calles numerous aspects out of the system of the development of plants, especially in relation to the columns and the associated issues that could still be nowhere heard so far. Furthermore she gives a wonderful overview of the botanical structure and the derivation of her system. Overall, I like the free atmosphere which takes place in the seminars, that allowes and disposes the participants spontaneously, to freely and openly contribute their own experience. I am very pleased that we can expect a sequel.



Seminars with Michal Yakir have a special atmosphere. Right from the beginning, she takes on a journey into the wonderful world of plants, we see the development of the most primitive forms of plant life to the most complex shapes, learn why plants develop in a certain way, why they evolve certain features and why some other features aren’t needed any longer – and during the whole trip homeopathy is our travelling companion. How does the evolution of the monocots, the dicots, plants with and without flowers, the simplest and high most complex structures show up in the homeopathic picture of remedy’s - this questions are with us. The columns and rows declared almost themselve in a plausible and comprehensible manner that the fascination outweighed the effort of learning. The development of plants, of the individual human, of humanity in general, mythology and religion – all of that Michal Yakir has woven into a flower carpet of knowledge. Heartfelt thanks for everything.



Many thanks to all of you for this beautiful seminars! I learn a lot and understand a lot much better now. It is a very worthwhile experience.



I am very thankful that you invited Michal Yakir for seminars. There are great seminars, I learn many basics that I might somehow knew, but the relationships are much more clearer to me now. Thank you once more for organising this wonderful seminars.



Michal Yakir seminars has been a highlight for me! She explaines in which way our homeopathic plant remedy’s in evolution from more primitive to high developed plants – similar to the system of the periodic table – reflect the development of the self in humans beings. As it is not easy to differentiate from these 2000 plant remedies the appropriate one for my patients I am very glad to attend this seminars. Beside the possibility of symptoms and repertory or sensation method this is now a further possibility and clear tool in my practise! Yakir showes her systematic in short but never the less very impressive illustrative cases. I am enthusiastic and inspired how her method not only complete existing knowledge but through her plant table certain sensations of plant familiy’s get only understandable in the first place. I'm sure the next advanced seminars with Yakir will be again a highlight in my seminar calendar and I 'm really looking forward to be there!



I'm very glad to be there! Michal is a teacher who inspires us. She teaches Homeopathy ‘you can touch ' and very lively with a direct access to and understanding of our substances in homeopathy. That's what I have been missing before. A great asset in understanding our plant remedy’s that will help me further in my practise.



Congratulations to this good seminars. Not only it is great to see and experience Michal Yakir live, but also how well everything is organised. I enjoye the female element in homeopathy very much. Nice going, many thanks!



Yakir's Plant`s Table makes the Materia Medica fully understandable and very alive. The connection to the Genesis offers us a deep understanding of our plant remedy’s. Thank you!