Stages of Development of the Plant Kingdom and

Plant Systematic in Homeopathy


11.-13. Oktober 2019 -  Unitiy vs Seperation 





The 3rd Column of the Homeopathic Plants Table

Dear Colleagues,


Michal's Plant Table refers to challenges and obstacles met during the developmental journey of the Ego from birth to old age, from a primal stage of union and oneness, to an advanced stage of individuality, while learning and absorbing the lessons of the feminine and the masculine elements.


In this seminar Michal Yakir will introduce the 3rd column of the plant table, the Caryophyllidae. Theme of the 3rd column is the struggle for individuality, separation vs being engulfed. The Cactus family: How do we get along in an emotional Desert and heal the heart, how do we conquer our dragon? That is the Cactus family Story! 


It is the stage of differentiation, the separation of unity, the feminine element, the primeval mother, to the mythical aspect of mother Earth, the matriarchy, the primordial Mother, a quality sometimes symbolically expressed as a dragon. In this stage one struggles for separation and individuality. Rebellion with an urgent desire to act on his own will: "I want to do, what I want!". On one hand, the attempt to separate and grow in order to free oneself from unity and symbiosis and on the other hand, to remain connected.


The feminine element, the matriarchy with which one found oneself in the unity and merging and from which life came is now perceived at this stage of the development as dominating and restricting. The experience is like being under the control of a great power from which one wants to free oneself in all circumstances so as not to be overwhelmed, assimilated and engulfed.


Remedys from this group of Carophyllales are e.g. Anhalonium lewinii, Cactus grandiflorus, Opuntia vulgaris, Aphis chenopodii, Phytolacca decandra, Rheumatism palmatum … and more.


It is interesting that this order of the Carophyllales has generated on different continents multiple families which have evolved in parallel to endure in harsh enviroments through the development of survival techniques  in the desert, in the ice or seashore landscapes.


As far as time allows, Michal will also introduce the 4th column: how do we find equilibrium in giving and receiving, with our relationship with our mother and family? A new miasm FROM THE 4TH COLUMN and more Furthermore Michal includes the differential diagnosis to the other columns of the plant table.


Also she will focus on our life stories, how they matter and how we can use them in our path to healing. The philosophical and spiritual background of the homeopathic plant table is a great help to understand our patients at the deepest level. Through this extended perspective, we recognize the correlations in the case analysis, they can differentiate and implement this knowledge in daily practice in solving our cases. The  Table is a very practical tool as it explains the traits of groups of plants, of so called small remedies and of new proving’s and thus shows us new multifaceted nature of our Materia Medica.


All colleagues are invited to present cases briefly and succinctly. Please let us know in a timely manner if you would like to present a case and prepare your case as a Word document or Power Point, thank you!


16 education points for the homeopathy diploma at the DZVhÄ. 21 CME education points of the Bavarian State Medical Association. Naturopaths can claim UE points.


We look forward to meet you!