Stages of Development of the Plant Kingdom and

Plant Systematic in Homeopathy


21.-22. April 2018


Plants and Human Development.

The Role and Function of the Rows.

Preparing for the 7th Column.

Dear Colleagues,          


this seminar by Dr. Michal Yakir PhD RCHom will be a comparative study and analyse of the rows in the table and comparative about the rows and columns. We will go deeper into solving cases and look at the philosophical and spiritual practicality which relates to understand our cases on a deep level and using this information for solving our cases. Furthermore we will cover some deeper spiritual aspects of column 6 which have not been explored until now and prepare for column 7.


Working as a homeopath over 30 years and as a botanist and models ecologist in her past, Dr. Michal Yakir PhD RCHom was intrigued by the homeopathic implications of the dynamic order found in nature, particularly in the plant kingdom. Therefore she developed ‘The Homeopathic Plants Table – stages of development of the plant kingdom and plant systematic in Homeopathy’ which is continuously updated by her and a milestone in homeopathy. Her practical tool is successful used by Homeopaths worldwide.


Yakir’s Plant Systematic and Developmental Stages in Homeopathy refers to the challenges and obstacles met during the developmental journey of the Ego from birth to old age, from a primal stage of union and oneness, to an advanced stage of individuality, while learning and absorbing the lessons of the feminine and the masculine elements.


The Homeopathic Plant Table is a very practical tool as it explains the traits of groups of plants, of so called small remedies and of new proving’s and thus shows us new multifaceted nature of our Materia Medica.


We look forward to meet you!