Stages of Development in the Plant Kingdom and Plant Systematic in Homeopathie


10. October 2019


Introduction Seminar to the Homeopathic

Plants Table


Dear Colleagues,


this introducton seminar with Michal Yakir gives an overview of the construction and development of the Homeopathic Plants Table. Michal has an extraordinary access to the plant kingdom and combines many years of experience as a classical homeopath and as a botanist and models ecologist in her past, with her comprehensive, deep understanding of the evolution in botany and human history as well as the related spiritual development. Homeopaths around the world work efficiently and sustainably with the plant table developed by her.


Plants are the source of nature's ability to adapt and evolve; as such they can describe human development and support their progress. Michal's Plant Table presents homeopathic knowledge about medicinal plants in an easily comprehensible, systematic way, as we already know from the periodic table. Her classification is categorized according to species, families and orders in the plant kingdom and explains for the first time logically the topics, characteristics and sensations of plant groups as well as, small homeopathic remedies' and of course provings in homeopathy.


The columns in the Plant Table describe the levels of individualization that each person goes through in his life, with all his challenges and obstacles, while the rows represent the evolution and maturity levels within the columns. This results in physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual content and themes for each plant family; while a single remedy describes only certain variations of family issues.


7 Diploma training point of the DZVhÄ (Germany). 7 CME education point of the Bavariasn Medical Association (Germany). Naturopaths can claim UE points.


We look forward to meet you!