05. June 2020 - Column 4 - Monocots Commelinidae

Interactive Live Online Seminar by Michal Yakir

From the Comfort of your Chair ...

Completing the forth column - the Monocots Column 4 - the Graminales and the Zingibirales. Following the brutal Column-Three attempt to utterly sever the connection to the feminine, in column 4 the process of separation is more balanced and mature; whereby the Ego, with its awakening masculinity, seeks to maintain a balanced dialog with the nurturing counterpart. The process involves a gradual separation from the mother and family, all the while striving to preserve balance in the realm of emotion (giving and receiving, existential security) and body (nervous and digestive system).


The Ego development in Dilleniidae faces these uncertainties: Am I ready to mature? Have I obtained an adequate foundation of living? Are all my needs met so that I am able to continue to the next step? Will I be able to stand on my own yet remain nurtured and thrive? Can I give without being drained; can I receive without being belittled? What are the different effects, physically and psychologically when one is nurtured from within or from without? Another topic of this seminar is the differential diagnosis to the other columns ind the Plants Table.


Medical instructor: Dr. med. Joachim Siebenwirth

Continuing education credits for the DZVhÄ Diploma have been applied for and have always been approved, Non-medical practitioners can claim 4 UE points for homeopathy training.


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€ 45.- regular; Students € 30.- (With Identification. Thanks!)


Online Seminartime

Friday 5th of June 2020: 9.30 am - 1 pm